People love watching videos on Facebook Lite and they use Search to find videos to stay up with the latest for sports, news, and entertainment. This project showcases a redesigned video search experience that optimizes new viewing behaviors in emerging markets.
What problem are we solving?
In our Indonesia research in 2018, we observed people using video to be entertained, find funny videos, and discover how to do things, like step-by-step recipes. The current experience has some challenges:
It's not always clear where you are when watching videos and “in the rabbit hole” of watching one video after the next
People struggle to identify which videos are the best, or which are worth their time
Social signals for how we rank videos aren't clear, creating confusion of how videos are selected
There is not a clear way for people to interact with videos through reactions and comments

We talked to people in multiple markets to validate our hypotheses and gather perspectives to drive the design.

How do we know it's a problem? 
UX Research from Indonesia, Mexico and Morocco revealed key insights that helped frame the problem:
People gravitate to media
People expected to swipe
People were drawn to photo thumbnail
People wanted to know the source
Lack of features for organizing and saving videos
People expressed desire to save for later
I designed multiple prototypes to showcase potential solutions that address the issues we uncovered in UX research, including: 
Creating a featured top video
Save videos for later
Comments and social player view
Enhancements to video player UI 
We tested prototypes with users in 6 global markets. 

Feedback from the research was positive, with most users expressing preference for the  attributes of the design that improved the experience. Having validated the design in research, we're currently moving to online testing and experiment analysis. 
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