As interfaces have become more flat over the past couple years, the car interface is a distinct hold out that tends to rely on traditional metaphors for visual design. There's still a lot of chrome effect.
In contrast is Tesla, with a clear visual language and contemporary aesthetic.
In these explorations, I pushed some of their designs to extremely basic elements, exploring just how flat the interface could be represented. In some cases, the spare UI doesn't work as well. In others, it seems to reduce visual clutter and aid in at-a-glance cognition.
I began by exploring the groupings of information, and creating block diagrams to compare views.
Taking the existing Speedometer view, this concept eliminates all effects, and aims for the flattest visual possible.
Homage to Saab's "Night Panel" - reducing all information to only the essentials. Here, it's minimal lines and dots. 
Trying variation in the display, I broke the information in to 3 rings and added back in some of the visual depth. 
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